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Trademarks Influenced by the Social Media, Second Level Domains and Story-Telling

The market is „hot“: there are approximately 24 million trademarks registered worldwide. The trademarks are now more trendy than any time before. They represent capital of businesses, highlight creativity of their founders and ideally even emotionalize masses. If just proper description and fitting name of a product were originally important in creating a business name, this is what currently will not do at all.

German agency NOMEN perceives the topic in a much wider context: trademarks are to reduce complexity, to emotionally assess a technical item, to introduce innovation of a product and to protect it from forging. „This is also one of those areas that the Story-Telling, quoted so often, began to take root in“. The product is not in the center in determining its name, it is the user instead. The names that evoke images to create positive and transmit idea of „experience“ to the user, are „good“ ones. The technical area also requires emotionalization, but simplification as well. Trademark names go through miscellaneous communication channels and must correspond to various applications and ever enhancing reality or games.

Dirty Misuse and the New Generic TLDs

Rapid technological change requires high degree of flexibility within a company. Those not active in the area of Social Media, are often light years away from the market. What to do if our own trademark is exposed to misuse or impairment of reputation or if it in the worst case scenario is hit by Shitstorm. This is situation that businessmen need to be ready for just like for theft of their trademarks: the so-called Second Level Domain.

Starting from January 2012 the new generic TLDs such as .blog, .web or .shop in case of ICANN may be registered with the international coordination center to grant name and address on the Internet. Risk of registering trademarks as Second-Level-Domains, one of those new TLDs, is increasing for their owners. Trademark owners need to be protected. Starting from March 26, 2013 a trademark may therefore be registered as backup with the so-called Trademark Clearinghouse, a databank of trademarks. Saving trademark data serves protection of rights of the owner of such trademark and guarantees privileged registration in favor of the trademark owner.

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