About  Patents

Map of Patents in Motion

Patents form the decisive element of innovative economy and present potential and productivity of companies, regions and nations. There are approximately 9 million patents registered worldwide. In 2012 level of 1 million newly registered trademarks was achieved.

It was not just the number of patent applications that was increased, but the boundary of patent map was moved, too, as the continents started moving. In 2012 the world leadership was taken over by China holding 27,8 per cent or 560.681 newly registered patents followed by Japan (486.070) and the USA (460.276).

Patents as merchandise

The changes of the last decade in the field of patents were larger than those in any other area. Every day the media report on new lawsuits in the field of patents. As early as 2009 „The Economist“, the renowned magazine, expected a new trend in their article: patents mutate and become a financial business asset. Intellectual property undergoes „financialization“.

Innovative nature of patents is nowadays overshadowed as they become merchandise. Patent trade became an important business branch. The most important group is the so-called Triade – patents registered in Europe, Japan and the USA. They represent some 80 per cent of the world growth in the branch. Just another trend is represented by the so-called Ko-patents i.e. the cross-border cooperation projects, especially in the area of top technologies. Cooperation instead of innovation!

Patent Emperor of 2013

Source:  ZDNet.com