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Design model Moving Away from Design and Model

In early 2014 term „design model” was filed away for good. Use of the term „registered design” is at present discussed at the German Patent Office, while the Austrian Patent Office refers to protection of design or model. Right to protection of model provides for the protection from misuse of a design so registered. Development of a product design, design of its package, computer icons or records in writing are protected in that way from misusing and forging.

Protection of logo as a design or as a trademark?

To be protected from misuse a logo may, besides designs, also be registered. If a logo is registered as trademark, origins of the merchandise or service are thus characterized. The logo is then protected as an image or as word – image – trademark combination.

If protection of design is concerned in case of a logo, the term of design model is then quite suitable. A design model protects lines, contours, colors, and decorative elements and is especially suitable if various products are offered under that logo. A design model is meaningful even without any particular user intentions. Period of protection is, however, different from that in case of trademark protection., It is limited up to 25 years.

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